Hagemeyer Happy Hour

May 5 - 8, 2019 | Indianapolis, IN, USA | Setting the Pace

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Hagemeyer Happy Hour

Sunday, April 15, 2018
Charlotte Convention Center, Ballroom A Terrace

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 Advanced Coating Symposium and PaperCon Coating & Graphic Arts Programs offered a wrap-up and kick-off reception!

Organized by the Coating & Graphic Arts Division of TAPPI, the Hagemeyer Happy Hour is a tradition that has been a staple of the PaperCon program for years. 

This reception is a social gathering of coating colleagues to network, share experiences and ideas, interact with the presenters from the symposium, and celebrate achievements, all while enjoying a good time with friends. 

4:00 - 4:20  ACS Program ends and guests begin to arrive

4:20 - 4:45  Hagemeyer Happy Hour Introduction & Welcome | Don Hiscock & Tim Bradley
                   Fellows announcement
                   Best Manuscript presentation
                   Best Student Manuscript presentation

4:45 - 5:05  Introduction to Division Honors | Nancy Plowman Sandreuter
                   Coating & Graphic Arts Division Technical Award and the Charles W. Engelhard Prize
                   Coating & Graphic Arts Division Leadership & Service Award & the DuPont Soy Polymers Prize
                   Coating and Graphic Arts Division and WestRock Outstanding Educator Award
                   Coating Division Outgoing Chair

5:05 - 5:20  Poster Presentations | Authors to give 2-minute summaries of their work

  1. Cracking at the Fold in Double Layer Coated Paper: The Influence of Latex and Starch Composition
    Mohammad Hashemi, University of Maine

  2. Characterization of Microstructure of the Pigment Coating Layer Using FIB and FE-SEM: Effect of Tg of S/B Latex Binder
    Hak Lae Lee, Seoul National University

  3. Discrete Element Method to Model Cracking for Two Layer Systems
    Daniel Varney, Omya, Inc

  4. Biobased Chemicals, Latex and Coating from High Oleic Soybean Oil
    Ping Li, SUSMER LLC

  5. Visualization and Characterization of 3D Structure of Paper and Board, and Their Relationship to Properties and Performance
    Shri Ramaswamy, University of Minnesota

  6. Coating of Cellulose Fibers with Alkyl Ketene Dimers (AKD) for Hydrophobic Development, and Study of Its Coating Mechanism
    Kolawole Adenekan, University of Mississippi

5:20            Mingle & Visit Posters

6:00            HHH ends