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  1. M1 PIMA Opening Session and Keynote
    Grand Ballroom A

    Session Chair: Mike Farrell, Graphic Packaging

    "Make Some Noise: Open the Throttle and Dominate Your Marketplace"
    Ken Schmidt, Legendary Former Director of Communications Strategy at Harley-Davidson
  2. Break
    Grand Ballroom Pre Function
  3. M2 PIMA Executive Panel
    Grand Ballroom A

    Session Chair: Mike Farrell, Graphic Packaging

    Mike Garcia, President - Pulp & Paper, Domtar
    Douglas Osterberg, President & CEO, Appleton Coated
    David Scheible, Graphic Packaging Internation, Inc. Chairman of the Board
  4. Lunch New Technology Showcase I - Coating Topics
    Exhibit Hall A

    Session Chair: Michael Kaessberger, Omya

  5. N1 NETInc Keynote
    DECC 233

    Session Chair: Maureen Nunn, Pennsylvania Chemical Consultants

    "Innovating to Grow in the Changing World of Nonwovens"
    Greg Bunker, Dow Chemical's Global Business Director for Adhesives and Functional Materials
  6. Break

  7. N2 Filtration Tutorial
    DECC 233
    Seshadri Ramkumar, Texas Tech University
  8. NETInc NETworking Happy Hour
    230/231 Pre Function
  9. N3/T3 Nonwoven Processes Tutorial
    DECC 232

    Session Chair: Ian Journeaux, Verso Co

    Roy Broughton , Auburn University
  10. Break

  11. N4 Fiber and Process Technology
    DECC 233

    Session Chair: Chuck Fifelski, Trinseo

    "Optimal Nanofiber Performance"
    D. Lolla, D. H. Reneker & G. G. Chase, The University of Akron
    "Advancements in Polyester Microfibers for Wet-Laid Nonwoven Processes"
    John Allen & Keh Dema, Eastman Chemical Company
    "DETEX Detectable Fibers"
    Karen Mertins & Bob Martin, ITW Pro Brands
  12. Lunch New Technology Showcase II - Papermakers Topics
    Exhibit Hall

    Session Chair: Marc Foulger, GL&V Pulp & Paper Group

  13. N5 Natural Fibers & Markets
    DECC 233

    Session Chair: Gaurav Pranami, IM-BED Bio Sciences

    "Quat co-formulations optimized for use with cotton nonwoven disposable wipes"
    Doug Hinchliffe, USDA
    "Femhy in the Age of Millennials"
    Jan O'Regan, Cotton Incorporated
  14. Break

  15. N6 Polymers & Additives
    DECC 233

    Session Chair: Pete Wallace, Consultant and Linda Kuhajda, Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

    "Acrylic Additives Technology for the Enhancement of Nonwoven and Textile Products"
    Nader Kamel, DOW Chemical Company
    "Performance Attributes of Wax and Polymer Emulsions in Nonwoven Applications"
    John Jacquin, Michelman
    "Novel Non-halogen Flame Retardant Binder System for Paper/Nonwoven Applications"
    TBA, The Lubrizol Corporation
    "High Surface Area Ion Nonwovens"
    Eunkyoung Shim, NC State University and Hannah Stoughton & Behnam Pourdeyhimi, Nonwovens Institute
  16. N7 Novel Nonwoven Applications
    DECC 233

    Session Chair: Paul Rollin, ExxonMobil Chemical Company

    "Non-woven acoustical applications in automotive sector"
    Shashank Shekhar, Rando Machine Corporation
    "Electrospun Polyisobutylene-based Thermoplastic Elastomer Nonwoven Fiber Mats for Healthcare"
    Natthaphop Suwannamek, Chureerat Prahsarn, Wattana Klinsukhon & Sirada Padee, MTEC
    Aditya Jindal, The University of Akron
  17. Break

  18. N8 New Developments
    DECC 233

    Session Chair: Amogh Karwa, Hollingsworth & Vose

    "Study the effect of PVA foaming Characteristics on foam forming"
    Xiwen Wang, South China University of Technology
    "Analysis of Nonwoven Fabrics: Radiographic Imaging in Two- and Three-Dimensions"
    D. Steven Keller and Guizhou Wang, Miami University
    "Examination of Natural Materials for Use in the Absorbent Layers of Diapers"
    Akshit Gangwal, Raymond Uco Denim, and Brian George, Philadelphia University
  19. Lunch

  20. N9 OMYA & Michelman Facility Tour
    DECC Lobby Elm Street Entrance

    Session Chair: Louis R. Morimanno, Omya & John Jacquin, Michelman

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