New Technology Showcase

April 15 - 18, 2018 | Charlotte, NC, USA | Shaping the Future through Innovation

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New Technology Showcase
Witness the Latest Technologies and Advances in the Industry

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
10:45 am - 1:30 pm
Charlotte Convention Center
Exhibit Hall A, New Technology Showcase Theater

Attendees have the opportunity to learn about exciting new technologies and advances developed by exhibitors selected for the Showcase.  Take advantage of the opportunity to see these new innovations and to speak directly with each presenting company.

Schedule (subject to change)

Time Presentation Number Title Presenter
10:45 am NTS1 Roll Alignment in Pulp MIll Payam Assadi, Pruftechnik Inc
10:53 am NTS2 Paper Dryer NDT Program Ken Lahrke, Kadant Johnson LLC
11:01 am NTS3 Marking Systems Are Not Just for Defect Identification Anymore Jane Adams, Ryeco
11:09 am NTS4 FilmLube - Integrated Uhle Box Lubrication for Uniform Felt Conditioning Martin Lehrner, Voith Paper
11:17 am  NTS6 Non-destructive Qualitative and Quantitative Measurement of the Filler Content of Paper and Board Alexander Gruener, Technidyne
11:25 am  NTS7 Smart Factory and Cloud based AI Bill Medcalf, GPA
11:33 am  NTS8 The Value of Paper Machine Vision Systems Pete Angle, ISRA VISION
11:41 am  NTS9 Paper Machine Inspection is Now Much Faster and More Efficient with New Laser Tracker Technology George LeGrand, OASIS Alignment Services
11:49 am  NTS10 Permeation Doesn't Happen in a Straight Line Tim Ascheman, MOCON, Inc
11:57 am  NTS11 Energy 4.0: Enhance Competitiveness by Capturing all Energy Cost Saving Opportunities with Energy Solutions from Solar Turbines Thomas Schulze, Solar Turbines Inc
12:05 pm  NTS12 Introducing  Leucophor® ACK Liquid, A New, Urea-free Disulfonated Fluorescent Whitener Andrew Jackson, Archroma
12:13 pm  NTS13 Automated Defect Detection and Process Monitoring in Paper Production Joseph Poltorak, Schenk Vision
12:21 pm  NTS14 Non-Contact Drying Technologies in the Paper and Board Industry Stephane Defrance, Bekaert-Solaronics
12:29 pm  NTS15 New Safer and More Sustainable Solvent Cleaner John Schwamberger, DuBois Chemicals
12:37 pm  NTS16 Optical Topography Measurement for Printability Prediction Håkan Österholm, ABB
12:45 pm  NTS17 New Technology Showcase – KBR Digital Solutions Kevin Knoernschild, KBR
12:53 pm  NTS18 Pulp Dirt Count Measurement Using On-line Automated Inspection Technology Kari Hilden, IBS
1:01 pm  NTS19 Do You Love Your Database? Data Management with Orgfusion for Fun and Profit Michael Robideau, Orgfusion Technology Inc
1:09 pm NTS20 New Biodegradable Water Based Barrier Coatings to Replace Plastics Tapani Niskanen, FP-Pigments
1:17 pm NTS21 WEDGE Advanced Process Diagnostics Tools Mike Gee, Trimble