Coating and Graphic Arts

April 26 - 29, 2020 | Atlanta, GA, USA

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Coating and Graphic Arts

Abstracts due by October 11, 2019

The Coating and Graphic Arts Division invites all paper, coating, and graphic arts professionals interested in participating in the 2020 TAPPI Coating Program to submit an initial abstract by October 11, 2019.

The Coating and Graphic Arts Technical Program Committee has selected “Novel Coating and Printing Concepts to Address Emerging and Opportunistic Needs of the Industry” as an area of focus for the 2020 Coating and Graphic Arts program.

The Coating and Graphic Arts program attracts professionals from all areas of the paper coating, converting and graphic arts industries.  Being a part of PaperCon provides extensive networking opportunities within all areas of the papermaking process. It is designed to address both on-going and emerging topics of interest to our industries and attracts professionals from manufacturing, product development, business development, sales, and marketing within our various industry segments.

Suggested topics include:

Packaging, Label, and Digital Coating Applications
•    Barrier and functional coatings
•    Coatings for ink jet and electrophotographic printing
•    Coated label and liner
•    Flexible packaging – barrier coated paper vis-à-vis plastic films
•    Retail Ready Packaging
•    Replacing single use plastic – concepts and opportunities
•    Market trends in lightweighting of packaging – USA vis-à-vis Europe and Asia
•    Advancements in recyclability, compostability, and/or biodegradability of fiber based products

Novel Coating and Process Technologies
•    Multi-layer/curtain coatings technologies
•    Novel coating materials
•    Print applied barrier & specialty coatings
•    Functional/specialty coating applications
•    Drying Strategies for coatings

Advances in Printing and Graphic Arts
•    UV curable printing technology advancements or challenges
•    Printed electronics
•    Insights into ink/paper interactions, test methods and effects on print quality
•    Digital image analysis
•    Advances in knowledge about coated sheet requirements for improved printing response

•    Mill case studies or success stories showing innovation, improved profitability, or improved runnability in coating and finishing (15-20-minute case studies; PowerPoints only)
•    New ideas for production cost and energy savings
•    Raw material developments and advancements
•    Practical utilization of bio-based and renewable type materials
•    Coating structure measurement relationship to end product attributes
•    Advances in coating rheology understanding
•    Practical applications of nanotechnology in coated papers
•    Developments in calendaring and winding

After abstract acceptance, the division is looking for sound technical extended abstracts along with the corresponding technical presentations for consideration in this conference program.  Accepted extended abstracts and presentations will be peer-reviewed and you will be coached through the process by the session chairs.  Note that full manuscripts are not required to be a part of the technical program.  However, if you would like to be a contender for the coveted Best Paper Award with potential for publication in the TAPPI Journal, a full technical manuscript is a requirement.


We invite Poster presentations on research and advances in Coated and Graphic Arts related topics, if that is a preferred methods to display your work. The Tuesday Poster Sessions will feature up-to-the minute findings on coating topics as the poster content can be finalized much later. This is a great way for you to present ongoing work or exciting findings that weren’t available in time to complete a full paper.

Hot Topics Breakfast:

We typically host a table at the Hot Topics Breakfast to talk about the latest that is going on in the world of Coatings. If you have ideas for a topic or would like to be a Table Moderator, please submit an abstract or reach out.  Our audience values hearing about the good work done for or by a mill and especially submittals that include paper production results. Mill case studies that demonstrate the application of new techniques and applications of new learning are of particular interest.


Abstracts are due by October 11, 2019 and should be uploaded to TAPPI's Speaker Management System.


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