RPTA Recycled Paperboard

April 26 - 29, 2020 | Atlanta, GA, USA


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Recycled Paperboard Technical Association's Production-Technical (RPTA P-T) Seminar

Co-located with PaperCon 2020

The Seminar focuses on issues that affect the ability of the recycled paperboard manufacturers to meet the growing demands of the marketplace, including fiber supply and reliability, energy efficiency, production efficiency, maintenance and reliability, and emerging issues.

Information members learn through the P-T Seminars will help companies make the highest quality recycled paperboard while reducing costs and environmental impacts.

This year the Seminar will focus on topics relevant to manufacturers of recycled board grades such as multi-ply paperboard, linerboard, tube and core, and gypsum liner.

Program topics include:

•    Water reduction/reuse in recycle mills
•    Recycle fiber of the future
•    Building the Papermaker of the future
•    Stock prep strategies for optimizing fiber development for board grades